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The school has a well-equipped physics lab. In the laboratory, efforts are made to provide individual learning and experimentation time to the students to develop a high order of practical skills, analytical abilities and opportunities to learn by doing.


We have a well-planned, fully equipped and spacious laboratory. Acid-proof workstations fitted with L.P.G, boroisil glassware, electronic balances are some added advantages. All necessary facilities are available for ensuring effective safety in the laboratory. 


A well-equipped and spacious Bio science laboratory has been established, having all ultra modern facilities. Wide range of Plants and Animals specimens are available. Superior quality microscopes, chemical balance and water bath are available for effective experimentation facilities for performing dissections are present as per the modern standard. High quality preservatives like formalin are available for students to prepare their own specimens. Tools for first-aid are provided as a pre cautionary measure. 


Maths laboratory makes learning of maths enjoyable and effective. The maths laboratory of Crescent Public School has several educational toys and instruments like abacus, sextant models, charts, graph charts, 3D figures like cones, pyramids, cylinders, and 2D figures like circle, square, rectangles, several paper- folding activities to make the teaching of math enjoyable.


We have computer laboratories with fully functional multimedia systems with broadband internet access provided by a dedicated router. We have separate laboratories for primary, middle and high school classes. While teaching children the importance of mind power, we train them for effective use of computers to enhance their performance and to optimize their learning training which can enliven the subjects and enable the children to explore the concepts in a virtual environment.