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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

Good behaviour and discipline are key foundations of a healthy learning environment.
1. To provide clear and explicit expectations for social behaviour in school settings
2. To provide administrators with interventions that address students’ disruptive behaviour.


a. Responsibilities of Everyone:-
• Respect all members of the school community.
• Maintain a positive school climate by being responsible, respectful, and cooperative.
• Communicate code of conduct expectations for students and staff.
• Motivate students to live up to the expectations through positive reinforcement.
• Use good judgment to prevent minor incidents from becoming major problems.

b. Responsibilities of Administrators:-
• Respect all members of the school community.
• Implement the code of student conduct and all disciplinary procedures in a fair and consistent manner.
• Provide students and parents whose first language is not English with translation and interpretation services free of charge.
• Inform all school personnel, parents, and students of discipline policies.
• Review and act upon allegations and requests from school personnel concerning violations.
• Teach proper behaviour and positively reinforce rules of conduct.
• Maintain a learning environment that provides for academic success.
• Hold students accountable for disorderly conduct in school and on school grounds.
• Address rule violations with multiple strategies to keep students in school.
Code of Conduct

“We pride ourselves on developing children’s natural inquisitive nature. We let them explore, make mistakes and work together in a safe, caring environment.”

• Use professional judgment to prevent mirror
incidents from becoming major problems. 

c. Responsibilities of Students:-
• Respect all members of the school community.
• Understand and comply with school rules and climate expectations, including the code of student conduct and school student’s handbook.
• Comply with the school District’s attendance, dress code, unlawful harassment, and bullying policies.
• Behave in a manner that focuses on academic success.
• Be responsible and accountable for following rules.

d. Responsibilities of Parents/Guardian and Advocates:-
• Respect all members of the school community.
• Respect, understand, and support school rules and regulations.
• Respect, understand, and support the policies of the school CBSE.
• Recognize and understand that school personnel must enforce school rules.
• Teach children to respect the rights of others and follow school rules.
• Emphasize the importance of being prepared for school and adhering to