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Fee Dues

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Fee Dues

Fee Structure

Crescent School believes in providing quality education at an affordable cost to our students. The school is the most economical educational institution in the vicinity.
The current fee structure is as follows:-

ClassAdmission Fee(For new students only. One time non refundable)Security(Refundable)Annual Tuition Fees
Play Way 2500 1000 25700
Level - 1 2500 1000 25700
Level - 2 2500 1000 25700
Level - 3 2500 1000 25700
1st & 2nd 2500 1000 29700
3rd 25001000 32300
4th & 5th 2500 1000 33600
6th & 7th 2500 1000 33600
8th 25001000 33600
9th & 10th 2500 1000 35200
11th & 12th (Sci) 3500 1000 44800
11th & 12th (Com) 3500 1000 35200
Notes:- 1. 30% of the total annual fee is payable at the time of admission in the beginning of the session. Balance amount is to be paid monthly in 11 months equally.
2. Siblings shall be permitted a discount of 10%.
3. Parents/guardians who pay yearly fee in one tranche will be eligible or a 5% discount.
4. Monthly fee should be paid by 7th of every month.
5. In case of non payment of fees by end of the month, the name of student will be struck off from the school rolls without a warning and student will stop getting any messages, transport alerts, assignments etc through school ERP and class groups.
6. Once the name is struck off the rolls, re-admission will be at the discretion of school authorities and admission charges as applicable will be payable.
7. In case of pending fees, students will not be allowed to appear in annual examination.
8. Receipts issued and details of online transactions must be retained for records and produced if and when required.
9. Security deposit must be claimed within three months of leaving the school.
Security depositRs. 5000/
Boarding chargesRs. 96,000/ ( Yearly Tuition Fee payable separately)