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"Education is the kinling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."

List of Teaching Staff

Teacher is a good friend, philosopher and acts as a strong driving force to attain students respective goals. The whole set up provides congenial environment in English medium to enhance growth oriented Education Knowledge imparted at Crescent Fruitful. Selection of students in various professional filed like NDA,AFMC,IGMC,IIT,NIT Etc various top Engg/Medical colleges maintains the quality of education imparted here.
Rightly said, "Teachers are the backbone of the nation" Sustaining the above written words, Crescent's staff is thoroughly professional experienced and qualified enough and best among bests to instill good human and social values in students to make them good citizen of the country and groom in such way to face real life situation.
"Upon that path where you go all alone, there the knowledge shall be your companion."

       Name                                        Designation
Mr. Manoj Kumar                         (Principal) (PGT Chem.)
Mrs. Anubhuti                             (Co.ordinator)
Mrs. Anjana Minhas                     PGT (Maths)
Mrs. Anchal                                PGT (Comm)
Mr. Ajay Kumar                           PGT (Comm)
Mrs. Reeta Mukamia                    PGT (Eng)
Mrs. Prem Babli                         PGT (Eng)
Mrs. Sonia Gupta                       PGT (Maths)
Mrs. Madhu                                P.G.T. (Bio)
Mrs. Sonia Sharma                     PGT Chemistry
Mr. Pankaj                                 PGT Phy
Mr. Rakesh Dhiman                   HOD (I.T. Department)
Mrs. Meenakshi Thakur              TGT (Arts)
Mrs. Sneh Chouhan                  TGT (Arts)
Mrs. Sapna Rana                       PRT
Mrs. Meena Sandil                     Nur. Teacher
Mrs. Sharda                              PRT
Mr. Rajneesh Rana                    P.E.T.
Mrs. Rohini                              Dance Teacher
Mrs. Babita                               Nur. Teacher
Ms. Shilpa                                TGT (Non Med)
Mrs. Shalini                              TGT (Non.Med))
Miss. Jaya Devi                         Yoga Teacher
Mrs. Arti Goswami                     Nur. Teacher
Mrs. Poonam                            TGT Arts
Mrs. Chhavi                              I.T Teacher
Mrs. Sangeeta                           I.T Teacher
Mrs. Pooja                                PGT (I.T)
Mrs. Shailja                              TGT Arts
Mrs. Neetakshi                          TGT Med
Mrs. Monika Walia                    Account Clerk
Mrs. Sandhya                          Clerk
Mr. T.R Awasthi                        Superintendent
Mrs. Swati                                Clerk