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Hostel Facilities

"Education gives you wings to Fly."

The school has privately managed hygienic hostels (Separate fro Boys & Girls) providing the comfort of home away from home. Students are provided well balanced and nutritious food under the watchful eyes of the school management.


i.  The School makes every endeavour to consistently  help children to perform better as such all students  are expected to show steady progress. If a student performs poorly inspite of all help he/she shall be liable for any action deemed necessary by the Principal.

ii.   A student repeating the same class shall have to quit the school and make room for another child more interested and capable in studies.

iii.  Children shall leave the School premises only with proper authority from the Principal. Any child leaving the school campus without permission, shall do so at the parent’s risk and responsibility. He shall also render himself liable to serious disciplinary action and possible expulsion.

iv.   Students are not permitted to keep any money with them. If parents desire to leave extra money, it must be deposited with the  Accountant/Head Clerk or the Hostel-in-Charge/ House Master.

v.    All assessments and promotions shall be based on cumulative performance of the student through out the year.

vi.   With a view to impress the importance of discipline, overstay of leave shall be liable to a fine, the rate of which will be  determined by the School authorities according to the seriousness of the offence.

vii.  All students are Expected to reflect high moral qualities. Sufficient guidance will be rendered to channel the child’s conduct towards honest life. If any child persists with any antisocial act he shall be liable to serious disciplinary action as deemed fit by the Principal.