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Human Values

"Intelligence plus character - that is the Goal of true Education. "

Human values are universal and important consideration to take into account when these are integrated with other people.crescent public school always focuses on developing human values in students like love,kindness,justice,peace,honesty,respect,loyalty and equality etc. These values help students to create bonding between people of different nationalities,race,religious beliefs and culture .

We also inculcate diligence, perverseness, honesty, commitment, Chivalry, Empathy, Compassion, sensitivity, Acceptance, Benevolence, Camaraderie, composure and confidence, decisiveness and Dependability, dignity, modesty and many other values of utmost importance. We have introduced “Value Education” As a subject in classes 1 to 12th where twice a week we pay attention only to the moral code of a student and tell them about the implications of adopting high Moral codes.