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Unique Methodology

"Knowledge is power, information is liberating, Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. i"


We feel proud to assert that our school has tied up with INTELLSIS to make tiny tots study without being over-burdened. This programme is devised keeping in view the psychology of the child. It helps tiny tots to retain their childhood while learning.

Salient Features of KG Pro
The child-centered kindergarten is not new; it has its roots in the 19th Century. At that time, the kindergarten was environed as a "Garden for the child" (the literal meaning of the German word "kindergarten"), a place where children could be nurtured and allowed to grow at their own pace. A child has to build skills in six different areas of development. These development areas are:
•    Physical and Motor Skills.
•    Cognitive Development.
•    Environmental Studies.
•    Socio - Emotional Development.
•    Creative Development.
•    Language Development.
KG Pro is an exceptional educational programme that introduces academics through activities which not only invigorate the mud of a child, but also boost independence, confidence and self-esteem. The KG Pro system enables children to capture their imagination, and offers them a learning environment where they can make discoveries, solve problems and think independently. It is a core belief that not a single method of instruction is all comprehensive. Hence, both the methods i.e.;-traditional and progressive methods of instruction are used; to develop a well rounded curriculum that encourages social, academic and emotional growth of the child. Some of the features are:
1.Integrated, Cohesive and systematic plan for all the three years of kindergarten.
2. Lighter School Bags-happy children! Happy Parents!
3. Project Based Method
4. Montessori Method.
5. Multiple Intelligence Method.
Crescent Sr. Sec. School has tied up with intellsis resources to offer KG Pro learning modules for successful and stress free learning of your little ones, if you seek for truly Unique experience of education, your search ends here. The facilities we offer and the Methodology we follow:
1.    International Curriculum
2.    Individualized Attention
3    10:1 Student-Teacher ratio
4.    Standardized system which makes the students not to carry too much of books and rather it cultivates the mindset among the students to take education as the real easy methodology rather than taking education as a tough path to run on.
Parents of Crescent Sr. Sec. School & students can thus be assured that their children will benefit from the close collaboration that exits between the management and trainers of intellsis resources Pvt. Ltd.
Right ideas and ethics can be fostered at the right age and for this foundation makes a great difference. Congenial environment and proper guidance is needed throughout one's schooling. Cultivation good of manners, etiquettes and good habits enables a child to excel in every sphere of studies. Crescent has been a school with a different vision since its establishment. It has been making its all possible efforts to hone up the skills of the children. It's motto is to blend traditional education with the modern mode of education.