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Crescent Public School has emerged as one of the premier Educational Institutions in Palampur (H.P.). The school is a Mascot for developing and inculcating the minds of the young students towards their future careers and with a positive outlook. Our motto “One Team One Goal” has renowned the institution as a guiding force in every student's life. Every year the school is delivering outstanding results with a professional growth for every student by virtue of giving a broader platform with an exposure to explore their forte.our mission is always to provide a value based education with professional training to our students through immaculately designed curriculum.

Latest News

  • Crescent Public School Excels in Class X and XII (Science & Com) CBSE Board Examination 2023-24 Crescent Public School has once again demonstrated its academic prowess with exceptional results in class X &XII CBSE Board Exams for the academic session 2023-24. The remarkable achievements of Crescentians are a testament to the school's commitment to excellence. Highlights of Class 12th Result
    Pass Percentage -100%
    Students above 90% -07
    Students above 85%- 11
    Students above 80%- 24
    Highlights of Class 10th Result
    Pass Percentage -100%
    students above 90% -08
    Students above 85%- 16
    Students above 80%- 22
    We extent our heartfelt wishes for our students' continued success and fulfilment in all their future endeavours.
    April 27, 2022

  • The National Technology Day celebration on 9th May 2024 at Crescent Public School, Banuri provided a platform for students to showcase their technical skills in an innovative and creative way .The event provided a platform for students to demonstrate their skills, exchange knowledge, and inspire others with their creations. The celebration aimed to educate and inspire students about the role of technology in our daily lives through engaging and age-appropriate activities tailored to different class levels. The enthusiastic Crescentians participated in plethora of activities with full passion and enthusiasm. Students created vibrant posters and flashcards. In Presentation session, students shared their perspectives on the latest tech trends or inventions. The Interactive PowerPoint presentation was one of the main highlights of the event.
    March 22, 2022
  • The fire fighting mock drill held at Crescent Public School, Banuri campus on 8th May 2024 aimed to enhance safety awareness and preparedness among students and teachers in the event of a fire emergency.Through a combination of theoretical knowledge dissemination and practical demonstration by firefighting personnel, the drill sought to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively to such situations.The mock drill commenced with an informative session on fire safety protocols, including the identification of fire hazards, evacuation procedures, and proper usage of firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers.Following the theoretical briefing by fireman Mr.Bhag Singh, a practical demonstration was conducted by fire fighting officer Mr. Surender Kumar to aware Crescentians about the different types of fires and kinds of fire extinguishers used commonly. This demonstration included the proper operation of fire extinguishers, techniques for extinguishing different types of fires, and the importance of maintaining composure during emergencies.The enlightened faces of students reflected the success of this event.
    Feb 10, 2022
  • Crescent Public School,Banuri hosted a vibrant competition as a part of Saturday House wise activities on 4th May 2024, showcasing the linguistic and oratory talents of its students. The event featured a Hindi and English Calligraphy competition for classes 1st to 4th, followed by an Extempore competition for classes 5th to 12th.In Hindi and English Calligraphy, Young learners exhibited impressive penmanship skills, infusing creativity into their written expressions of the Hindi and English script whereas in Extempore competition, students showcased their ability to articulate thoughts on diverse topics, demonstrating confidence and eloquence.
    Feb 10, 2022

Our School Facilities

"Empowering Excellence, Enriching Every Experience"


Crescent Public School houses the most congenial & a very decent hostel facility only For boys and girls separately from classes 6th onwards...

Games & Sports

We provide a variety of games and sports facilities to encourage physical activity and overall well-being among students...

Atal Tinkering Lab

ATL is a workspace where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands – on do – it – yourself mode and learn innovation skills....

Science Labs

Science labs are essential facilities in schools, providing students with hands-on experience and practical application of scientific concepts....

Computer Lab

Computer labs in schools are crucial for providing students with access to technology and facilitating digital literacy....


Libraries are essential components of school facilities, serving as hubs
of knowledge, learning, and research....

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Our Motto

We are an extremely close knit family with all the members working towards the goal of development and character building of our students....

Our Objectives

Change the age-old system of spoon feeding and make the child self reliant to manage the challenges he/she faces and emerge successfully

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Our Achievements

Our Pre-School. Learn To Play, Converse With Confidence.

Leader in early childhood care and education

In an environment of immense positivity we nurture our little learner to learn & grow, learning in encouraged through play and creative thinking. Our Little Ones Bloom in an atmosphere of care and happiness.

Engaging Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity and inspire a love for learning. Through hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and creative exploration.

Art and Creativity

We believe in the power of art and creativity to inspire imagination, self-expression, and innovation. Our arts programs provide students with opportunities to explore various forms of artistic expression.

Technology Integration

We leverage technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences in the classroom. From interactive whiteboards to educational apps and online resources.

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