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  • Affiliation No: 630215

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Crescent Public School is situated in the lush green hills of Dhauladhar at Palampur. The combination of greenery,snowclad mountains gives Palampur a distinctive look which rarely vies for attention with gimmicks and that's where its charm lies. Apart from the beauty,serenity and freshness of nature,Palampur also holds the credit to giving our nation and world some great personalities as Major Somnath Sharma,first recipient of PVC, Captain Vikram Batra, (recipient PVC) Major Sudhir Kumar Walia, (recipient Ashok Chakra) Captain Saurabh Kalia etc. who laid down their lives to protect the nation till their last breath. Eminent artist Sobha Singh also made this place his dwelling place and the art masterpieces of this great personality can be seen in 'Sobha Singh art gallery' situated in Andretta, 14 km South of Palampur. Seasoned politician and sensitive creative writer Sh. Shanta Kumar also hails from Palampur who is not only a renowned politician but an able laureate also who has written much about poems,novels and essays. The wide variety of destinations and tourist attractions like Chamunda Devi temple, St.John's Church, Bir-Billing, Baijnath temple, Agriculture University, Naam art gallery and many more make this region a treat to eyes and the reflection of this beautiful place can be seen in the ambience of Crescent Public School campus also.