• School Code: 43205
  • Affiliation No: 630215


Disciplined code of conduct
Any organization that the students of Crescent Public School decide to join in the future will have a strict code of conduct that he/she will have to adhere to. To make students comfortable with it, we introduce them to a disciplined code of conduct at a very early age. It makes them to realise that discipline is not only a requirement or a task but it becomes a way of life.
Respect of Elders
We teach all students to respect and obey the elders.They should be treated respectively as they are the pillars of happy and prosperous family. Students are being taught to respect all elders irrespective of their work, caste, creed or workers etc,so that our children can become an example for everyone.
Ethics and Values
"Virtue Alone Ennobles" We teach our students the facts that irrespective of their qualifications, creed, colour, financial status, only their moral values and Ethics will make them win in all aspects and challenges of life. They should have a straight spine with each vertebrae engulfed with ethics to make them a dignified human being. We also inculcate diligence, perseverance, honesty, commitment, courtesy ,valiance, Empathy, Compassion, sensitivity, Acceptance, Benevolence, Camaraderie, composure and confidence, decisiveness, Dependability, dignity, modesty and many other values of utmost importance. We have introduced Value Education as a subject from class 1 to 12th where twice a week we pay attention only to the moral code of students and tell them about the implications of adopting high moral codes. This is what makes Crescent absolutely distinctive; we pay attention to multi dimensional learning of every budding child.
Respect of women
With the kind of times we are heading into, Its of utmost urgency to raise our sons right. We teach our sons at a very early age about the right way to treat women and respect them, So that they bring about a change in the current scenario of the society and take this nation, the security and dignity of our daughters towards a brighter light to induce them at par with the opposite gender to grow equally.