• School Code: 43205
  • Affiliation No: 630215

About us

Our Objectives

The chief objective of Crescent Public School is to educate children by providing them with an ambience,which takes care of their aptitudes and interests.It gives them opportunity to develop and demonstrate their natural abilities. Our motto is "One Team One Goal" and we are an extremely close knit family with all the members working towards the common goal of development and character building of the students, so that they stand different from the crowd. A school is always blessed with the most crucial responsibility of moulding not only a child's future but indirectly the nation's future too. So,our goal is always to accept this responsibility whole heartedly and carve a niche for the bright future for our country.

    To strengthen moral and ethical beliefs of students.
    To help them realize their ideal career based on their talent and interest by analytical systems.
    To instill the value of discipline in each student helping them to live in harmony with their neighborhood.
    To change the age- old system of spoon feeding and make the child self reliant to manage the challenges he/she faces and emerge successfully.
    To make learning an interesting process so that a student can have high aspirations and acquire knowledge without being burdened by the conventional stereotype systems.
    To evaluate and analyse the students' performance and address problem area on one to one basis.
    To help students co-relate theory and practical applications so that their knowledge may truly impeccable and adaptive.