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Unique Methodology

Teachers hold their students' hands for a short while, but their hearts ever
At Crescent Public School, young minds are nurtured under the tender care & supervision of skillful & well experienced teachers. Our teaching methodology seeks to broaden students horizon by engaging and challenging them through varied activities, making them successful both academically and socially. Students are also encouraged to develop questions, make choices, form opinions and reflect on their work, thus developing self-worth and an ability to assess and take ownership for their own progress. Building a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment is at the core of all academic and co-curricular activities.
Highlights of teaching methodology of Crescent Public School-Next Generation School
Experiential learning techniques with multiple intelligences.
Clear objectives based approach to teaching, learning and assessment, focusing on building 21th century skills of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.
Segregated instructions enabling educators to cater the learners with varied abilities& learning styles.
Thematic learning which serves to establish inter disciplinary links across subject areas, grade level marking cross-curricular learning relevant for the students.
English Drama
English is a global language. Learning English through Drama focuses on the speaking skills in order to take the students English to the next level & boost students confidence in speaking English. To enhance students speaking skills, Crescent Public School has taken the initiative by introducing English Drama in its curriculum. Dramatisation allows each child to absorb the language in his/her own way. Using drama to teach English will also help to improve the understanding articulation, pronunciations intonation, vocabulary & communication of students. The Drama lesson involves not only the intellect but also children's imagination & emotions. By encouraging self expression, Drama motivates children to use language confidently & creatively.