• School Code: 43205
  • Affiliation No: 630215


Co-Curricular Activities

Music-Dance Hall
To support holistic Development,we give our students a push to learn through co-curricular activities and explore their talents in all dimensions and not just academics. We truly believe that Music and Dance is the food for soul. We have a spacious space for comfortable implementation of learning.
Drawing and Painting
A creative outlet helps the individual to balance his/her stress, frustration and troubles. In today's competitive world,we nurture the creative side of our students so that they have an outlet to make their life easier to fight adverse circumstances without loosing the zeal for life.
Yoga Hall
With Yoga being worldwide trend, we know that this exercise has its roots in India and has enormous benefits for health. We have yoga practice consistently to develop the health and immunity of our students. We have atrained yoga teacher to guide our students and teach them how yoga asanas can help maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind.
Indoor Games
Sports is the outlet for the youth vigour. We have a stadium in school campus which is equipped to handle gatherings on sports day and various sports competitions. Our stadium is also used for physical training for students to maintain their health and inculcate discipline and a fit lifestyle.