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The Crescent Learning Programme

1. Leadership Case Studies Students use leadership case studies to analyse and reach conclusions based on the facts, conflicting goals/values and the impact on people and organisations. Case studies are the preferred way of teaching-learning in all business schools.

2. Performing Arts A Recent research shows that study in music improves test scores in spatial temporal reasoning in young adults. We have included a musical play performance in the programme. As students perform, we encourage them to be imaginative and take risks.

3.Communication Skills Communication is an important leadership skill. We have developed a rigorous curriculum that trains participants in writing, speech, body language and presentation skills. We have also included famous speeches from well-known leaders to ensure that participants are able to analyse both content and style.

4. Soft Skills: This section introduces participants to behavioral skills through experiential games and role plays that will aid them at school and work. Soft Skills help students deal with and react positively to diverse environments, situations and people.

5. Adventure Sports: Crescent Public School has taken the initiative by introducing adventure sports to encourage our students to explore and venture the nature. This program uses Adventure Sports like river rafting, rock climbing, rappelling and hiking to test the participants endurance, strength, leadership and team work.

6. Community Service: Students observe a large, diverse social milieu at the program and interact with people sensitively and maturely. They visit a village and participate in community service to better appreciate the circle and challenges of life and their roles in their communities.

7. Guest Lectures: Finally, Guest Lectures give participants an opportunity to observe leaders who have truly made a difference. Aspire brings in Motivational Speakers often from its list to inspire the students.

8. Life Skills The school believes that Life Skills hold the key to the holistic development of every child. A life skills programme is conducted to promote skills including.

  • i. Self-awareness
  • ii. Assertiveness
  • iii. Decision making
  • iv. Problem solving
  • v. Critical thinking
  • vi. Emotional intelligence.

Life skills training emphasizes the development of students competence, maturity, coping skills and developing a strong core and developing a robust foundation to deal with lifes many challenges. Orientation programmes for new students and for students who come into Senior School from the Prep Department and for those who move into the senior dorms.