• School Code: 43205
  • Affiliation No: 630215


Code of Conduct

Good behaviour and discipline are key foundations of a healthy learning environment.
1. To provide clear and explicit expectations for social behaviour in school settings
2. To provide administrators with interventions that address students disruptive behaviour.
3. No smoking or chewing of tobacco inside the premises of institution by students/ teachers/ other staff members.
Behavioral Expectations and Responsibilities:
Responsibilities of Everyone:-
Respect all members of the school community.
Maintain a positive school climate by being responsible, respectful, and cooperative.
Communicate code of conduct expectations for all students and staff.
Motivate students to live up to the expectations through positive and optimistic reinforcement.
Use good judgment to prevent and avert minor incidents from becoming major problems.

We pride ourselves on developing children's natural inquisitive nature. We let them explore, make mistakes and work together in a safe, caring environment