• School Code: 43205
  • Affiliation No: 630215


Rules and Discipline

Students are expected
1. To-bring the diary daily to the school.
2. To attend the school regularly.
3. To reach the school five minutes before assembly.
4. To attend the school in proper and neat uniform.
5. To respect the school property.
6. To bring school books only.
7. To take care of their own property (school will not responsible for any loss.)
8. To speak English in the school premises is must.
9. To remain clean, well-groomed and smart in turn out.
10. To be well mannered and obedient.
11. Not to leave the school premises during school hours.
12. Not to be late or absent from the school without information, failing to which a fine of Rs 10/- per day (Rs 50/-
per day during functions and test days) will be charged.
13. Not to wear or bring valuables/ornaments in the school.
14. Not to bring cell phones in the school.
15. No bodys should wear coloured hair pins except black ones. No jewellery, anklets and no make-up is allowed in
the school.